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As a statistics major student, there are lots of projects, and the project presentations have huge impacts on the final grades of the courses. The aim of every project presentation is not only to show the result to my professor and classmates, but also to make the content easier to understand for people who do not have enough statistical knowledge. However, I always find it hard to explain my project content and concepts that I understand properly through the presentation. For instance, when I try to explain a certain concept that is only used in statistics, it is not possible to just use words to give a simple definition. Because for people who lack statistical knowledge, the definition is not likely to make sense. In order to solve this problem, I always use pictures and a short video to explain it. But, it is not easy to make the presentation fluent. When I try to combine the video, pictures and words together, the powerpoint I used to present always looks massy. Thus, the main reason that I want to take EDCI 337 is that this course can improve my presenting skills. Through this course, I am looking forward to learning how to manage my presentation, and make it more accurate and understandable for people.

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